Falay nu Wa’ab

Hello Friends and Family!
I hope you all had a good week!

Well this week literally all of the Sisters have been pretty deathly ill. At the beginning of the week I was taking local medicine which was kind of a hassle but no regrets. Lavida would give me guava leaves and I would boil them until the water would turn brown. Then I would steam in it, shower in it, and when I was done with that I would have to drink like 3 cups of it. It was so bitter and disgusting.. but I did it.

Our investigator Jeffery is on track to get baptized this week! It will be really fun because it will be during our branch activity. Everyone in the branch loves him because he talks during classes and asks good questions. All of the missionaries also love him and are always coming up to Sister Saimon and I bugging us about when he is getting baptized and what we are teaching him and such. But no worries, this Saturday is the day!
Last P-Day was pretty fun because we went to this little store and got ice-cream and then asked the owner if we could go on her beach. She said yes so we hung out for about 30 minutes and then went and played basketball at the complex. SisterBradford is just so much better than me it doesn’t even matter if I foul her. I try anyways, third string life.
This week the Gagil elders (Palmer and Golightly) were in Guam so we got to teach their investigators a little bit. We mostly taught this lady named Zennica and her family. She will get baptized soon. She is trying really hard to quite betelnut.
I was just so sick this week. On Wednesday I slept all through studies, it felt like a drank a whole bottle of nyQuil but I didn’t my body was just giving up on me. So then it was good because I had to stay awake all day because it was walking Wednesday. I almost died though.
This week I was asked by Elder Taylor to give the District Meeting. I felt pretty weird up there being a sister and all but I think it went pretty well. I talked about finding prepared investigators and extending the baptismal invitation and related it back to the Allegory of the Vineyard in Jacob 5 (thanks Alex!)
On Friday we took our recent convert Evita and her husband out to Gagil to go teach her dad. It was pretty funny but he was really nice to us and it was so fun to be with Evita. She is so nice! Her dad really complimented my Yapese and was saying how we are always welcome at their home and such. And then at the end they gave us coconuts.
Saturday there was a branch activity to clean in and outside of the church. There were surprisingly a lot of people there! It rained so hard! So we were all soaking by the end. The biggest obstacle was that there were enough tools for people to really be useful. But after that one of the branch members did a BBQ for the missionaries! Yummy!
On Sunday I had to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting. I talked about the Tree of Life (Thanks Niz!) And it was pretty good.
Well I am well past my time!
Exciting things going on at home! I pray for and miss you all!
Sister Stevens


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