Kayog Lamum


Hope everyone had a good week! This week was crazy over here. Not even really sure what happened because it went by so fast.
I guess I will just cut to the chase… Jeffery got baptized on Saturday! Saturday was honestly one of the most tiring days of my life. I did a language study for some of the Yapese speaking missionaries because most of them have just started learning it and it is always good to go back to the basics. Then we went and tried hamburgers from this one place.. it was so good! (Not as good as my dad’s hamburgers, but I’m on Yap so I can’t be too picky!) We are going back there today because we were all so impressed. But after that we went finding and tried to contact some referrals then headed to the Branch activity.
Somehow I was put in charge of doing musical chairs? It was the worst thing. I swear there were over 100 people/mostly kids there. And it was raining so everyone was stuffed inside our tiny little building! No one really wanted to play so it basically just turned into a little kid tornado. No one was ever out haha but then I got volunteered for a cracker/peanut butter eating contest which was not good. I didn’t really try because I’m not a fan of those. So the activity continued and we were able to get everyone ready for the baptism and had some additional investigators there. The amount of running and yelling that happened was insane. I’m glad it happened and I’m glad it’s over. On Sunday we went over to Jeffery’s and asked, “How do you feel?” and he said, “Good… … .. … that’s it, good.” Haha it was so funny because he was so mellow about it but it was definitely genuine. He is already so excited to go out teaching with the Elders. And I found out after his interview that we have the same birthday. So crazy. Except he’s turning 30 and I’m.. not.
It was also SO happy because the other Sisters (Sister Bradford and Smith) had a baptism! Her name is Luanna and she is a super funny outer island girl! I love her. She really wanted to sing Silent Night, so that is what they did. In September. But she played the guitar and her and the Sisters sang. It turned out really well. The other Sisters are unstoppable now, they will have a lot of success here in the next couple months, Luanna was only their ice-breaker. They are working really hard.
On Thursday we had our first split district meeting. I’m not a huge fan of having a split district but it is probably for the best. The South District had their meeting in the chapel with AC and.. space to breathe. We were stuffed in this tiny little class room. Same building, different meetings. But we had a combined lunch. For some reason the Brimhalls didn’t know we were eating lunch so they didn’t bring food and they didn’t bring plates or utensils so the sisters all shared a single plate and ate with our hands and the elders just ate on miscellaneous objects with their hands also. I think the new elders (Marble and Nielson) thought it was pretty weird but nothing new for the rest of us. It was pretty funny!
Well next week I will be in Guam.. again.
These trips come way too fast, can I just stay on Yap?
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens


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