Machane Kug Pagtalin

Well back on Yap, it feels really good. I am happy to be back with my people in my place.

The flight on Tuesday night was rough, as usual, but it was pretty tough on Sister Bradford. I am glad that she finally gets to feel my pain, all the sisters thought I was a drama queen because I am always so tired after the Guam trips but now I’m not alone!
We had our meeting on Thursday and it was good to have Sister Bradford help/lead the training. Elder Taylor (Zone Leader) is still alone so it was just us three. The training wasn’t as interesting and fun as some of the past ones have been but it went well and I think it really helped everyone.
After the meeting we went again to Sister Layaan’s classroom to clean the windows again. It was fun, again. It is pretty gross there is all sorts of things growing on those windows. We were also using very humble cleaning supplies.. only a couple rags for washing and drying and pinesol. But whatever gets the job done I guess.
Right now our mission is doing a “40 Day Fast” so someone from the mission is fasting everyday for 40 days. This time we are fasting for having the faith to extend bold baptismal invitations every lesson. We were home most of the day for weekly planning so it wasn’t too bad.
Last week we got a local pumpkin this week so I am going to treat all of the sisters to local pumpkin pie. I am so excited! Finally fall!.. but I’m on an island so it’s still summer!
This week the senior couple, Elder and Sister Brimhall are leaving. So it will be different to not have a senior couple. And in a couple of weeks Elder Herman will go home which is super funny. He has been off of Yap for a while but it is just weird that so many people are going home.
This week we went to the hospital to sing to an old man named Figirmo. He has been a member since the 70’s but wan’t fully active. Sister Saimon and I sang “Abide with Me ‘Tis Even Tide” and “Brightly Beams out Fathers Mercy” same as what you all sang for Grandpa! It was a little rough, I almost cried. But it was good. I am going to really miss Figirmo, he was really nice.
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens


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