Mangil ea Fowap

Well I do not have a lot of time, I’m going to make it quick.

First things first, Happy Birthday Ben! I got your package on your birthday! I felt a little bit bad about that but thank you so much! Loved it all!
There were really only two major events that happened this week.
The first was Thanksgiving! We spent the whole week preparing the food during our lunch and dinner breaks only. Then on Thursday we spent all morning preparing. Good thing there were four sisters! We did two turkeys, three pies, loads of mashed potatoes, apple crisp, homemade gravy, and cooked carrots with butter and brown sugar. It was a big meal. But it was really fun and everything turned out. Good thing there were four of us to help out!
At our missionary lunch we got to watch the Best Two Years. Everyone really loved it. Really loved it. Haha Sister Saimon loves throwing out random quotes. “I know that Joseph Smith is a pamphlet!” That is her favorite. Then we cleaned up really quick and were off to go out prosolyting.
Sister Saimon and I are kind of low on investigators right now so we spend most of our time walking around and trying to find people. It’s November but its HOT. So it’s good, we are getting a lot of blessings! We have been really blessed with a few but mostly progressing investigators so no complaints.
On Thanksgiving night there was a Branch Thanksgiving activity. We were out for most of the night teaching but went to help serve food because that is quite the task here. You can see in the picture that I was sweating a lot. That is hard work!! The Relief Society has to prepare and load all of the peoples plates. The Yapese women are so fast and good at it, I am always the weak link. They mostly refrain from scolding me but sometimes can’t help it. They laugh it off by the end! There was a really good turn out, so it was pretty exciting to see so many people there.
On Saturday we had a missionary fireside to kick of the #LighttheWorld initiative for Christmas. We had an awesome turn out! So many investigators and a lot of them were outer-island which was really exciting also. We had food, watched a lot of Christmas Mormon Messages, sang together, and cut out little snow flakes! We had about 60 people there. Some how I got put in charge of explaining the 25 Ways in 25 Days thing. Sister Saimon kind of just snuck in the back of the room and didn’t say anything, so I was on my own! I love that new video they put out! Is that Grandma in it? But I am really excited for the initiative, everyone should do it and pray that it will help missionary work.
Happy December!
I hope you all have a great week!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens

Ri ba feal’ ea Pi Titaw Rog

My subject means: My Grandmothers are marvelous!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you have an awesome week and eat a lot of Turkey and other good stuff for me!
This last week had a lot of ups and downs haha the ups included hearing from a General Authority the downs included me laying in bed for two days.
Last Monday I taught Sister Saimon how to play tennis and I think she liked it! She didn’t really get it but we both had fun trying! The last couple weeks Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays have been pretty rough for us. We haven’t been able to teach a lot of lessons until the end of the week. So we just puttered along trying to find people and talk to people. It was fun for what it was! You just make it work you know. The exciting thing was that I got Tiffany Wilson’s engagement letter! That was fun and I added it to my collection.
Wednesday was pretty sad because we went to the dock and said goodbye to three of our recent converts this year! Francisco, Luanna, and Scalastica. The ship is just packed of people and stuff. It was some elders and the sister recent converts so they were pretty sad. But I guess it is kind of the point, to baptize and then send them out and start the church on the outer islands. But it is still really sad!
Thursday was district meeting, went out to eat after, normal, normal, went shopping for the zone Thanksgiving meal. (Sisters are cooking everything. Yes, two turkeys and two bags of potatoes for mashed potatoes, and two local pumpkin pies and more…) THEN we went to teach our night appointment and I felt super sick but was just looking forward to sleeping that night. We had our member present and went out there and right at the end of the lesson when Sister Saimon was talking my eyes started rolling around, I couldn’t hear anything, and I also couldn’t feel my body. It was great. So I just said, “Siro, kug mar!” (Sorry, I’m sick) and like threw my head down on the table to try and feel better. Didn’t work, my temperature flew up and I was like ripping off my sweater (who wears a sweater in Micronesia?) and was just laying on the bench until I could function.
Then on Friday I layed in bed and slept and have a fever all day. I think I waved at the other sisters when I went to the bathroom.
Saturday I felt better but still couldn’t really move.
The mission nurse said I had a gastrointestinal infection. I won’t tell you too much what that involves. But just a fever and and aching stomach.
Sunday I rolled out of bed to go to church and see President Zarbock, Elder Whiting (Quorum of the 70) and their wives at church. It was painful but I did it!! And then I was able to teach for the rest of the day. Everything has been surprisingly smooth. Blessings!
Yesterday we had a cool conference with our zone and Elder Whiting did a question and answer it was really cool! He talked a lot about his closeness with the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and even getting to meet the Prophet! It was fun to hear his stories. Sometimes when I’m around important people I feel like a monkey, just do what they say. But I like being a monkey. Maybe I”ll be on for the rest of my life.
“The spirit of God like a fire is burning.. on Yap” –President Zarbock
Good things are happening here!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sister Stevens

Gu ra ilily borran…. Inbox x

Well to be honest, Guam forgot to pay our internet bill this week so I am emailing at a members office… aaaand he won’t stop talking to us so I don’t have a lot of time hahaha he literally just stood there and talked to us about polics, some of the elders investigators that he knows and a lot of other random things. So here we go, to start my fast and short email:

This week was good, our numbers weren’t too impressive but it sure did go by fast. On Thursday we had only taught a total of 3 lessons the whole week. But we worked it out and got some good lessons in by the end of the week.
Tuesday was Sister Bradford’s birthday and we celebrated on Guam. We went for a morning run on a trail called 1000 steps (it was only like 400 steps) and it was really pretty in the morning! Pictures next week! Then when we came home Sister Kum Kee and Sister Petrus surprised her with cute little cakes! For dinner we went and got burritos!! First Mexican food in so long. And we got a California burrito in memory of Steve!:) We flew home they night and it was rough as always but it gets better every time.
Thursday we had Zone Meeting and it turned out pretty good. It went kind of long because we have to plan our missionary Christmas fireside so some of the Elders weren’t very happy about that but it worked out alright.
Saturday was… interesting. Awesome, but kind of a wreck. We had 4 baptisms for our zone which is super good, right? But one of the girls that was supposed to get baptized showed up an hour and a half late. She showed up after all three of the others just got baptized and were getting changed. There wasn’t really a lot of branch support which was hard. There was a lot of complaining about who was conducting and some people even just walked out before it started. All of us missionaries were just kind of running around trying to figure out how to make it a joyful experience for the people getting baptized. Anyways it all worked out except Elder Golightly and Elder Li-Khau left and then their girl who was getting baptized showed up but they got pulled over because the registration on their car was expired. So they missed it. They also had to take our car for the weekend.
Yesterday I was able to go with Lucy to Thol Branch which is always fun. We helped in the youth class and then young womens. I was trying to get them pumped about Personal Progress which is funny because no one has dragged their feet harder than me to finish that (thanks mom!) But I will try to help them get that going.
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens
Lots of pictures next week.

Ifa Suumw? (How are you? In Chuukese)… Because I’m on Guam

Happy November everyone! I can’t believe we are already coming into the holiday season! I love it!

Yesterday we had our Missionary Leadership Council which was really awesome! It was the Office Couple (Elder and Sister Hamiltons) last Council so that was really sad. Everyone is really going to miss them! But we talked a lot about qualities of a good leader and about how numbers bring miracles. Missionary work isn’t about numbers but when you reach high key indicators you will see a lot of miracles in your area. I know that that is true. There are like 10 people from my intake that are going to this meeting which is pretty funny!
This week one of the members brought us lobster… soo good! Sister Saimon boiled it while we were planning, not a good idea. You can see the lobster juice everywhere on our oven. It went down beneath the burners and we didn’t realize until a couple days later so our house smelt awful. Haha anyways, you live and learn. Sister Saimon just went to bed so Sister Bradford and I got everything cleaned up and put away.
I also attached a picture of the elders in front of a mud area.. they spent two hours trying to push themselves out of it and couldn’t. We had to go rescue them which was super funny. They were really tired.
We also went and pulled some weeds for a member, Sister Pitin. It was fun to go and help her. She is a long time less active but she is so nice to the missionaries!
This Saturday we celebrated Sister Saimon and Sister Bradford’s birthday because of this Guam trip. We went all out! As much as we could anyways. I sent some pictures. But just know that Sister Saimon has never had a birthday like that. And Sister Bradford’s birthday was at least better than last year haha but it was so fun. We got them lavalava’s and sunglasses and candy! We had fried chicken for dinner and score cake and ice cream.. everything! Good day.
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens

Ba T’uf Ayuw Rom?

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone eats lots of candy today. We don’t have any candy so we are just going to go out teaching instead.

Oh yeah, there were some things that I forgot to email about. So for my birthday my family sent a hydroflask and so I put in some like boiling water and soap inside to clean it and when I opened it the air pressure inside went insane and sprayed ALL over me! It burned my hand and chest.
Before when President Zarbock was here for Zone Conference he asked us sisters to put together a “musical item” so we sang Armies of Helaman. Sister Bradford and Smith thought it would be super cool if we each had a solo and then we each did a duet with our companion… yeah I CAN’T SING. This is not news to anyone! But I did it. I was super embarrassed and not really good at performing but I did it.

This week had some ups, downs and unexpected’s.
The Elders stole my camera so I sent some pictures they took when they had it. We have a new Elder here who is from Chuuk hopefully we get to meet him today. We only had 4 people in our district this week so we had to leave the door open between the two district meetings. I basically just talked the whole time.
One of Sister Calders recent converts named Jared committed suicide this week. It was really sad. But one of his Aunties who lives in the States called to make sure that someone from the church went over to dedicate the grave. President Choay asked Elder Zonts to do the dedication. And he asked Sister Saimon and I to give a two minute presentation of the Plan of Salvation. I think it went pretty well. I hope some of them felt the Spirit and the peace that the gospel brings.
On Saturday our Zone had two baptisms! The other sisters had a baptism and our zone leaders had a baptism! It was really fun! Francisco and Ligaw.are the best! It was definitely a happy day! And I got a picture with them! Yay!
Love and miss you all!
Have a good week!
Sister Stevens

Dared e Pine Bar

Hello Family and Friends!

My email today will be short because I got a lot of nice emails from all of you!
On Wednesday Sister Bradford were on exchanges in my area. So that was fun. We walked.. a lot. But it was a fun day, it was a hot day!
On Thursday I woke up to little signs and sticky notes ALL over the house. They were everywhere. Sister Bradford made me score cake and it was a really busy day. Unfortunately we had to do weekly planning so that was a little boring but once we were out it was nonstop! I got the package from my family which was so nice! I’m loving having a hard drive and water bottle! Thanks! So funny, my mom sent me little nail clippers and I gave them to Sister Saimon and she said, “What? Those are for your birthday!!” and I she was so shocked but I re-assured her I had other nail clippers. And the sisters got me a lavalava in Oregon colors!
Friday Elder Taylor did a little special training. Which is ironic because he got transferred to Guam this weekend. Kafel. But it was basically just all of his district meetings combined. But he is the assistant now so we will see him again on Guam in a couple of weeks.
On Saturday I went to the taro patch for the first time! So fun! It is really muddy in there, all the locals hate it. But it was fun to learn, and eat! All of us sisters got to go so that was cool!
Sunday we finally got to finsih General Conference! Yay! Sunday sessions were so good! I loved every second!
Hope all is well.
I love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens

“Feed my (Mount Lam) Lam’s”

This week went really well!

It is always so crazy to be here in Guam. This trip has been unusually fun.
But this week on Yap we only got to see Jeffery once because the Elders kept taking him out teaching!! But from what I hear he is doing really well. He is so solid. I am really glad to see how happy he is.
Tuesday we did exchanges and I was with Sister Smith in my area. It was kind of a rough day because we weren’t able to meet with that many people but it was still fun. And we ate over at Lavida’s again. Its like a dinner appointment but we invite ourselves instead of being invited. But we ate these tiny little fishes that were fried to the crisp and they were soo good! And then we also had breadfruit which is always a win.
On Thursday we did a North District service project for the Primary President in Thol Branch. We went to her class room and cleaned the windows. It was pretty fun and interesting because she didn’t have a lot of cleaning supplies and the ones she did have weren’t the right ones. But she really appreciated it and her class room was so much brighter.
We flew to Guam on Saturday night which was rough but it gets better every month. Missionary Leadership Council was really good this time around. Sister Bradford also loved it. She is really showing me up as a Sister Training Leader, I’m trying to keep up. It was good to see Elder Li-Khau but he won’t be coming back for another 2 weeks.
Today we hiked Mount Lam Lam. Apparently it is the biggest mountain in the world. The bottom of it is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench so everything but the tip is underwater. It was so fun to get out and hike and see a cool view. I miss things like that! I love Yap though, So I am excited to head back tomorrow. Hiking up to the top was pretty slippery so my nike free’s really struggled but we made it up there!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens