Ba T’uf Ayuw Rom?

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone eats lots of candy today. We don’t have any candy so we are just going to go out teaching instead.

Oh yeah, there were some things that I forgot to email about. So for my birthday my family sent a hydroflask and so I put in some like boiling water and soap inside to clean it and when I opened it the air pressure inside went insane and sprayed ALL over me! It burned my hand and chest.
Before when President Zarbock was here for Zone Conference he asked us sisters to put together a “musical item” so we sang Armies of Helaman. Sister Bradford and Smith thought it would be super cool if we each had a solo and then we each did a duet with our companion… yeah I CAN’T SING. This is not news to anyone! But I did it. I was super embarrassed and not really good at performing but I did it.

This week had some ups, downs and unexpected’s.
The Elders stole my camera so I sent some pictures they took when they had it. We have a new Elder here who is from Chuuk hopefully we get to meet him today. We only had 4 people in our district this week so we had to leave the door open between the two district meetings. I basically just talked the whole time.
One of Sister Calders recent converts named Jared committed suicide this week. It was really sad. But one of his Aunties who lives in the States called to make sure that someone from the church went over to dedicate the grave. President Choay asked Elder Zonts to do the dedication. And he asked Sister Saimon and I to give a two minute presentation of the Plan of Salvation. I think it went pretty well. I hope some of them felt the Spirit and the peace that the gospel brings.
On Saturday our Zone had two baptisms! The other sisters had a baptism and our zone leaders had a baptism! It was really fun! Francisco and Ligaw.are the best! It was definitely a happy day! And I got a picture with them! Yay!
Love and miss you all!
Have a good week!
Sister Stevens


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