Dared e Pine Bar

Hello Family and Friends!

My email today will be short because I got a lot of nice emails from all of you!
On Wednesday Sister Bradford were on exchanges in my area. So that was fun. We walked.. a lot. But it was a fun day, it was a hot day!
On Thursday I woke up to little signs and sticky notes ALL over the house. They were everywhere. Sister Bradford made me score cake and it was a really busy day. Unfortunately we had to do weekly planning so that was a little boring but once we were out it was nonstop! I got the package from my family which was so nice! I’m loving having a hard drive and water bottle! Thanks! So funny, my mom sent me little nail clippers and I gave them to Sister Saimon and she said, “What? Those are for your birthday!!” and I she was so shocked but I re-assured her I had other nail clippers. And the sisters got me a lavalava in Oregon colors!
Friday Elder Taylor did a little special training. Which is ironic because he got transferred to Guam this weekend. Kafel. But it was basically just all of his district meetings combined. But he is the assistant now so we will see him again on Guam in a couple of weeks.
On Saturday I went to the taro patch for the first time! So fun! It is really muddy in there, all the locals hate it. But it was fun to learn, and eat! All of us sisters got to go so that was cool!
Sunday we finally got to finsih General Conference! Yay! Sunday sessions were so good! I loved every second!
Hope all is well.
I love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens


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