“Feed my (Mount Lam) Lam’s”

This week went really well!

It is always so crazy to be here in Guam. This trip has been unusually fun.
But this week on Yap we only got to see Jeffery once because the Elders kept taking him out teaching!! But from what I hear he is doing really well. He is so solid. I am really glad to see how happy he is.
Tuesday we did exchanges and I was with Sister Smith in my area. It was kind of a rough day because we weren’t able to meet with that many people but it was still fun. And we ate over at Lavida’s again. Its like a dinner appointment but we invite ourselves instead of being invited. But we ate these tiny little fishes that were fried to the crisp and they were soo good! And then we also had breadfruit which is always a win.
On Thursday we did a North District service project for the Primary President in Thol Branch. We went to her class room and cleaned the windows. It was pretty fun and interesting because she didn’t have a lot of cleaning supplies and the ones she did have weren’t the right ones. But she really appreciated it and her class room was so much brighter.
We flew to Guam on Saturday night which was rough but it gets better every month. Missionary Leadership Council was really good this time around. Sister Bradford also loved it. She is really showing me up as a Sister Training Leader, I’m trying to keep up. It was good to see Elder Li-Khau but he won’t be coming back for another 2 weeks.
Today we hiked Mount Lam Lam. Apparently it is the biggest mountain in the world. The bottom of it is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench so everything but the tip is underwater. It was so fun to get out and hike and see a cool view. I miss things like that! I love Yap though, So I am excited to head back tomorrow. Hiking up to the top was pretty slippery so my nike free’s really struggled but we made it up there!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens


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