Ifa Suumw? (How are you? In Chuukese)… Because I’m on Guam

Happy November everyone! I can’t believe we are already coming into the holiday season! I love it!

Yesterday we had our Missionary Leadership Council which was really awesome! It was the Office Couple (Elder and Sister Hamiltons) last Council so that was really sad. Everyone is really going to miss them! But we talked a lot about qualities of a good leader and about how numbers bring miracles. Missionary work isn’t about numbers but when you reach high key indicators you will see a lot of miracles in your area. I know that that is true. There are like 10 people from my intake that are going to this meeting which is pretty funny!
This week one of the members brought us lobster… soo good! Sister Saimon boiled it while we were planning, not a good idea. You can see the lobster juice everywhere on our oven. It went down beneath the burners and we didn’t realize until a couple days later so our house smelt awful. Haha anyways, you live and learn. Sister Saimon just went to bed so Sister Bradford and I got everything cleaned up and put away.
I also attached a picture of the elders in front of a mud area.. they spent two hours trying to push themselves out of it and couldn’t. We had to go rescue them which was super funny. They were really tired.
We also went and pulled some weeds for a member, Sister Pitin. It was fun to go and help her. She is a long time less active but she is so nice to the missionaries!
This Saturday we celebrated Sister Saimon and Sister Bradford’s birthday because of this Guam trip. We went all out! As much as we could anyways. I sent some pictures. But just know that Sister Saimon has never had a birthday like that. And Sister Bradford’s birthday was at least better than last year haha but it was so fun. We got them lavalava’s and sunglasses and candy! We had fried chicken for dinner and score cake and ice cream.. everything! Good day.
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens


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