Gu ra ilily borran…. Inbox x

Well to be honest, Guam forgot to pay our internet bill this week so I am emailing at a members office… aaaand he won’t stop talking to us so I don’t have a lot of time hahaha he literally just stood there and talked to us about polics, some of the elders investigators that he knows and a lot of other random things. So here we go, to start my fast and short email:

This week was good, our numbers weren’t too impressive but it sure did go by fast. On Thursday we had only taught a total of 3 lessons the whole week. But we worked it out and got some good lessons in by the end of the week.
Tuesday was Sister Bradford’s birthday and we celebrated on Guam. We went for a morning run on a trail called 1000 steps (it was only like 400 steps) and it was really pretty in the morning! Pictures next week! Then when we came home Sister Kum Kee and Sister Petrus surprised her with cute little cakes! For dinner we went and got burritos!! First Mexican food in so long. And we got a California burrito in memory of Steve!:) We flew home they night and it was rough as always but it gets better every time.
Thursday we had Zone Meeting and it turned out pretty good. It went kind of long because we have to plan our missionary Christmas fireside so some of the Elders weren’t very happy about that but it worked out alright.
Saturday was… interesting. Awesome, but kind of a wreck. We had 4 baptisms for our zone which is super good, right? But one of the girls that was supposed to get baptized showed up an hour and a half late. She showed up after all three of the others just got baptized and were getting changed. There wasn’t really a lot of branch support which was hard. There was a lot of complaining about who was conducting and some people even just walked out before it started. All of us missionaries were just kind of running around trying to figure out how to make it a joyful experience for the people getting baptized. Anyways it all worked out except Elder Golightly and Elder Li-Khau left and then their girl who was getting baptized showed up but they got pulled over because the registration on their car was expired. So they missed it. They also had to take our car for the weekend.
Yesterday I was able to go with Lucy to Thol Branch which is always fun. We helped in the youth class and then young womens. I was trying to get them pumped about Personal Progress which is funny because no one has dragged their feet harder than me to finish that (thanks mom!) But I will try to help them get that going.
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens
Lots of pictures next week.

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