Ri ba feal’ ea Pi Titaw Rog

My subject means: My Grandmothers are marvelous!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you have an awesome week and eat a lot of Turkey and other good stuff for me!
This last week had a lot of ups and downs haha the ups included hearing from a General Authority the downs included me laying in bed for two days.
Last Monday I taught Sister Saimon how to play tennis and I think she liked it! She didn’t really get it but we both had fun trying! The last couple weeks Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays have been pretty rough for us. We haven’t been able to teach a lot of lessons until the end of the week. So we just puttered along trying to find people and talk to people. It was fun for what it was! You just make it work you know. The exciting thing was that I got Tiffany Wilson’s engagement letter! That was fun and I added it to my collection.
Wednesday was pretty sad because we went to the dock and said goodbye to three of our recent converts this year! Francisco, Luanna, and Scalastica. The ship is just packed of people and stuff. It was some elders and the sister recent converts so they were pretty sad. But I guess it is kind of the point, to baptize and then send them out and start the church on the outer islands. But it is still really sad!
Thursday was district meeting, went out to eat after, normal, normal, went shopping for the zone Thanksgiving meal. (Sisters are cooking everything. Yes, two turkeys and two bags of potatoes for mashed potatoes, and two local pumpkin pies and more…) THEN we went to teach our night appointment and I felt super sick but was just looking forward to sleeping that night. We had our member present and went out there and right at the end of the lesson when Sister Saimon was talking my eyes started rolling around, I couldn’t hear anything, and I also couldn’t feel my body. It was great. So I just said, “Siro, kug mar!” (Sorry, I’m sick) and like threw my head down on the table to try and feel better. Didn’t work, my temperature flew up and I was like ripping off my sweater (who wears a sweater in Micronesia?) and was just laying on the bench until I could function.
Then on Friday I layed in bed and slept and have a fever all day. I think I waved at the other sisters when I went to the bathroom.
Saturday I felt better but still couldn’t really move.
The mission nurse said I had a gastrointestinal infection. I won’t tell you too much what that involves. But just a fever and and aching stomach.
Sunday I rolled out of bed to go to church and see President Zarbock, Elder Whiting (Quorum of the 70) and their wives at church. It was painful but I did it!! And then I was able to teach for the rest of the day. Everything has been surprisingly smooth. Blessings!
Yesterday we had a cool conference with our zone and Elder Whiting did a question and answer it was really cool! He talked a lot about his closeness with the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and even getting to meet the Prophet! It was fun to hear his stories. Sometimes when I’m around important people I feel like a monkey, just do what they say. But I like being a monkey. Maybe I”ll be on for the rest of my life.
“The spirit of God like a fire is burning.. on Yap” –President Zarbock
Good things are happening here!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sister Stevens


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