Mangil ea Fowap

Well I do not have a lot of time, I’m going to make it quick.

First things first, Happy Birthday Ben! I got your package on your birthday! I felt a little bit bad about that but thank you so much! Loved it all!
There were really only two major events that happened this week.
The first was Thanksgiving! We spent the whole week preparing the food during our lunch and dinner breaks only. Then on Thursday we spent all morning preparing. Good thing there were four sisters! We did two turkeys, three pies, loads of mashed potatoes, apple crisp, homemade gravy, and cooked carrots with butter and brown sugar. It was a big meal. But it was really fun and everything turned out. Good thing there were four of us to help out!
At our missionary lunch we got to watch the Best Two Years. Everyone really loved it. Really loved it. Haha Sister Saimon loves throwing out random quotes. “I know that Joseph Smith is a pamphlet!” That is her favorite. Then we cleaned up really quick and were off to go out prosolyting.
Sister Saimon and I are kind of low on investigators right now so we spend most of our time walking around and trying to find people. It’s November but its HOT. So it’s good, we are getting a lot of blessings! We have been really blessed with a few but mostly progressing investigators so no complaints.
On Thanksgiving night there was a Branch Thanksgiving activity. We were out for most of the night teaching but went to help serve food because that is quite the task here. You can see in the picture that I was sweating a lot. That is hard work!! The Relief Society has to prepare and load all of the peoples plates. The Yapese women are so fast and good at it, I am always the weak link. They mostly refrain from scolding me but sometimes can’t help it. They laugh it off by the end! There was a really good turn out, so it was pretty exciting to see so many people there.
On Saturday we had a missionary fireside to kick of the #LighttheWorld initiative for Christmas. We had an awesome turn out! So many investigators and a lot of them were outer-island which was really exciting also. We had food, watched a lot of Christmas Mormon Messages, sang together, and cut out little snow flakes! We had about 60 people there. Some how I got put in charge of explaining the 25 Ways in 25 Days thing. Sister Saimon kind of just snuck in the back of the room and didn’t say anything, so I was on my own! I love that new video they put out! Is that Grandma in it? But I am really excited for the initiative, everyone should do it and pray that it will help missionary work.
Happy December!
I hope you all have a great week!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens

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