Sisters on Yap got Nuked (Transfer Calls)

Okay well, last night was transfer calls. As an old British Elder used to say on this island, “Wha in tha werld?”

There are so many weird things happening with the sisters here!
1, Sister Smith is training this transfer so she left on Tuesday night last week for Guam and will come back this Saturday with her new Trainee.
2. Sister Bradford is the new Sister Training Leader…. on GUAM. She is leaving for GUAM!! No one knows why.
3. Sister Saimon also got transferred to Guam. That was a huge surprise. So I will get my new companion Sister Kaato from Kiribati on Tuesday night when the other sister leave.
We are all kind of freaking out right now. No one really knows what is going on.
But, on the bright side: I’M STILL ON YAP. Haha one area wonder.
I am going to miss Sister Saimon so much đŸ˜¥ I’m so sad she is leaving!!
So we were on exchanges Tuesday when the Zone Leaders called all of us Sisters to meet at the church. And they told us that Sister Smith was leaving THAT NIGHT for Guam because she is training. (We still don’t know who she is training.) So she has been gone all week. She was freaking out, she even took a proselyting break to buy some candy. She offered me some and I said, “Nah, you need it more than me.” And she said, “You’re right.” Shoved it in her mouth and walked away. I’m pretty excited to see who our fresh meat is. Hopefully they don’t like candy as much as Sister Smith because then all of our church funds will go to buying candy!
This week was fun because Sister Bradford, Saimon and I were together the whole time. We were taking over both areas. So we taught a lot of lessons and had a pretty good time. It was kind of just an eerie feeling all week because we knew Sister Bradford was leaving but we didn’t know where she was going. But we also went on a lot of splits so one of us would go with Sister Bradford and the other one would go with a member.
Well, we had a baptism this week, Jucienta, but she moved into the Elders area. So they have a baptism this week! But there is no difference I am so happy she is getting baptized.. and so are the elders haha
Zackery is still excited to get baptized and even quite chewing betelnut this week! He has read all the way to 2 Nephi 28 in the last like 3-4 weeks! He is really cool. So hopefully he will be set for December 17th! He will really strengthen the youth in our branch.
Saturday the other sisters investigator Ariel got baptized! They have been teaching her for a long time! She is my BFF. We are pretty sassy together. But it was a really happy day. Her original baptismal date was the beginning of October so it has been a long one coming. She would take a good picture. We just did the best we could. Also the Zone Leaders baptized a less actives little boy and it was pretty fantastic because they reactivated the parents. So the Dad got to baptize his two little kids.
Then transfers last night which were.. not that happy. But I guess the work just moves on.
This is going to be a good transfer!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens

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