Happy New Year Nib Manechubog

Every single day this week someone told me Happy New Year! And I just wanted to say, “It’s January 7th, calm down.” Because they were all drunk but I obviously can’t say that. I guess people celebrate New Years the whole month of January.

The Guam trip left we exhausted! Monday was so fun. We went shopping and then the Yap Leadership went bowling! It was great. I can’t send pictures this week but next week for sure. I was especially bad this week at bowling, so embarrassing but it was fun.
Tuesday morning Sister Smith and I went biking for exercise which was really fun. Sister Smith hit her face into a branch which was a highlight. She took it like a champ, didn’t even fall off her bike! But it was good to get outside when the air is still fresh and cool. Then the rest of the day I was biking with Sister Kum Kee again. Sister Kum Kee is just the cutest missionary, I love her! But we didn’t really get to teach a lot of lessons so we really were just biking for 4-5 hours. I was so tired. Then we went teaching until 8, pretty low key night. Flew back home, and it was a bummer because I couldn’t fall asleep.
Wednesday we had our planning meeting for our Zone Meeting Thursday. It was long. We tried to hurry through it but just had to figure some things out. We were over at Lavida’s house and she was a champion. Good thing the Elders brought Chocolate Chip cookies, it saved us all! Sister Smith and I were together on exchanges so I wasn’t with Sister Kaato until that night.
Thursday we had our meeting. It went well. We felt a lot of pressure since it our meeting to kick off the year! Our zone has been really successful but we still have a lot of things that we need to work on.
I got sick this week. Sunday was pretty fun because I didn’t really have my voice but still led the music on the bus. I was squeaking all over the place! After church at our meeting all the missionaries were laughing at me so much because every time I opened my mouth it was a surprise. High, low, quiet, only a squeak. It was pretty fun. Oh yeah, and yesterday was our fast Sunday so my throat was extra dry. Good times.
Love you all!
Sister Stevens

HAPPY NEW YEAR… in the airport

Happy 2017!

2016 was definitely the fastest year of my life! But it was full of so many miracles! I was also pretty excited because I finished the Book of Mormon on New Years! Starting the Book of Mormon was a great way to start and new year and end an old one. I love that book!
This week was good. I’m on Guam now so I don’t even remember what happened this week. Mostly because in the last 48 hours I have slept 7 hours. But I need a fun p-day, so never mind sleep.
It seems like Sister Kaato and I are still just finding a lot. We spend most of our afternoons finding, but it is good we have met some pretty awesome people! We are teaching this Chuukese women and she is awesome, we were teaching her about repentance and she started crying. Chuukese people have such soft hearts! Took me off guard. And we also found a nice Yapese couple. They have been reading their Book of Mormon but are so scared to come to church. We’ll get them there.
Oh yeah, Elder Zonts (my District Leader) got emergency transferred to Guam this week!! He found out Tuesday afternoon that he was “needed on Guam” and left that night. Nobody new until our District Meeting on Thursday.
New Years Eve was good, normal schedule and then at night we packed for Guam, got ready to go, and had a DANCE PARTY! Don’t worry we were only listening to Beethoven but it was fun. Sister Smith and Sister Jones really have no limits. They just go for it. We also had chocolate and all four of us shared shared a grape fanta, we know how to party. It was a great New Years Eve!
The rest of New Years was spent in the airport. I was on a plane or in the airport from 1am until 5:30 am. The Sister Training Leaders on Guam were late to pick us up so we had to sit there for about 20 mins. Then I didn’t lay down to go to bed until 6am. We had church, Mission Leadership Council, and then stayed at the mission office until 11pm. Great way to start the new year! It was really fun. We talked a lot about agency during our training which was really good. Sometimes people justify sinning by saying that God gave us agency but they just need to remember that there are still consequences for all of our actions. Righteous actions bring happiness! Elder Taylor gave his departing testimony which was weird, we went to Yap at the same time but he will be going home in a couple of weeks.
Hopefully we can do something fun today so I can send some cool pics next week!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens

Happy Birthday Nizzle-Toe!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

This week has been great! On Tuesday we went on exchanges, I was with Sister Jones. She was in my area so it was pretty fun. She got to see the main island Yap culture. Not as much food but it is pretty great. We had a good time and taught some good lessons.
On Friday we had a Zone Meeting and then we ate lunch and opened our secret santa presents to each other. The Elders bought a ham and asked if we could cook it and then said, “or if you want we can cook it..” so I told them to cook it and they were SHOCKED. At first they were excited but by Thursday they were freaking out, “can you sisters cook it?” they even asked(begged) the other sisters but we made them do it. It turned out really good! Sister Smith was my secret santa! She got me a Stars Wars pillow, it ties my bed together really nice. And a grumpy cat calender. Everyone in our zone got a kick out of that.
Saturday was crazy. Merry Christmas Eve! We went to the church to clean the font and make the program, then we drove all the way to the other side of the island to Elder Zonts and Elder Neilson’s baptism at the beach. It turned out really well! We went because our recent convert, Jeffery, got to baptize their convert. It was awesome! Then we headed back to Colonia, and it was time for our baptism! So we walked down to get Jarvis and Jucienta. They were so excited and nervous! They are the cutest. And they baptism went smooth. The Elders did an impromptu musical performance “Oh Come all Ye Faithful” it was really good. And after we went over to our investigators/recent converts house and our investigator wasn’t there (Regina.) So we went to a less actives house and helped her grind tapioca. Simis was laughing so hard at me the whole time. I had tapioca ALL over me. It was really fun though.
We went home, planned and passed out. At midnight Sister Smith woke us up because Sister Smith and Sister Jones prepared us a ham, mashed potatoes, and mac n’ cheese. It was so good! Food tastes better at night. Then Sister Kaato and Sister Jones went to sleep and Sister Smith and I sang Christmas songs, cooked the pumpkin pie, drank some hot chocolate, and took some pictures in front of the tree. It was really fun!
Christmas morning was good. We woke up, opened our presents. I got some good stuff. The winners were my horse skirt, scripture marking pen, and a lulu lemon headband from Sister Smith’s mom. Sister Jones made some chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and bacon. We definitely ate good! Church was good with an unorganized “program” afterwards. I got to skype my family. We searched for a number so we could call Sister Kaato’s family. Then went to dinner at Lavida’s house. Then we just kind of tried not to run into drunk people for the rest of the night. But it was an awesome Christmas!
This weekend I’m going to Guam for the meeting. It will be fun to see Sister Bradford and Sister Saimon, I miss them a lot!
Happy New Years!
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens