Happy New Year Nib Manechubog

Every single day this week someone told me Happy New Year! And I just wanted to say, “It’s January 7th, calm down.” Because they were all drunk but I obviously can’t say that. I guess people celebrate New Years the whole month of January.

The Guam trip left we exhausted! Monday was so fun. We went shopping and then the Yap Leadership went bowling! It was great. I can’t send pictures this week but next week for sure. I was especially bad this week at bowling, so embarrassing but it was fun.
Tuesday morning Sister Smith and I went biking for exercise which was really fun. Sister Smith hit her face into a branch which was a highlight. She took it like a champ, didn’t even fall off her bike! But it was good to get outside when the air is still fresh and cool. Then the rest of the day I was biking with Sister Kum Kee again. Sister Kum Kee is just the cutest missionary, I love her! But we didn’t really get to teach a lot of lessons so we really were just biking for 4-5 hours. I was so tired. Then we went teaching until 8, pretty low key night. Flew back home, and it was a bummer because I couldn’t fall asleep.
Wednesday we had our planning meeting for our Zone Meeting Thursday. It was long. We tried to hurry through it but just had to figure some things out. We were over at Lavida’s house and she was a champion. Good thing the Elders brought Chocolate Chip cookies, it saved us all! Sister Smith and I were together on exchanges so I wasn’t with Sister Kaato until that night.
Thursday we had our meeting. It went well. We felt a lot of pressure since it our meeting to kick off the year! Our zone has been really successful but we still have a lot of things that we need to work on.
I got sick this week. Sunday was pretty fun because I didn’t really have my voice but still led the music on the bus. I was squeaking all over the place! After church at our meeting all the missionaries were laughing at me so much because every time I opened my mouth it was a surprise. High, low, quiet, only a squeak. It was pretty fun. Oh yeah, and yesterday was our fast Sunday so my throat was extra dry. Good times.
Love you all!
Sister Stevens

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