Dariy ea tofan, athamagil nge muruwel nib manemus.

Happy Birthday Michelle!

This week was really good. It rained so much! I had to turn the heater on in the car! It just poured and poured. I was just cold all the time. Then it would stop for a little bit and just start pouring again, it was crazy.
Sister Smith’s account of Saturday night which was the only notable thing that happened this week:

Sister Stevens and I were supposed to be AT the airport at 1:30 am to check in…BUT we kinda got distracted at home making scones, trying on clothes, and chatting. We then looked at the time, speed packed and raced out the door at 1:40 am(whoops…). Of course we are exactly obedient and drove as fast as we can…aka 15 mph ha. It’s been raining like CRAZY alllllll week. So we came up to the bridge and the water reservoir and the road was flooded really deep (I don’t think is was from the reservoir though). (the speed limit right here is 25) Sister Stevens and I see the water and we are scared of making it all the way through the water so we just kept speed and didn’t slow down thinking we could keep the momentum going…. HA. half way through the water we started to slow and sister Stevens steps on the gas and starts swerving the car (idk what it did but I feel like for some reason I would have done the same thing) to make it through. Then finally we made it though!!!…

BUT… all of a sudden we hear  “al;ghao;ehgaioshzdhsjrtkgagag” *some scary noise of things dragging on the ground* and I look at Sister Stevens and just ask “do you think it’s just water coming off of the car?” …no. It was definitely not water. She pulls over and I get out and look (BUT we both left our flash lights at home…no need for them on Guam.-only the little firefly of a light on the dinosaur phone) so all I see is a huge black part of the car on the ground underneath…not good. And to make matters worse…we didn’t’ have any minutes on our phone (Sister Stevens had asked the zone leaders to send us some TWICE earlier) so we couldn’t call anyone. We didn’t know what to do when a car pulls over to help us (YES!!!) and out comes from the drivers seat a man… who is completely wasted. Ha he asks us if we need help or a ride and for some reason my mind wasn’t processing the fact that the smell of alcohol was very strong and my first thought was “is there a girl in the car?” (later sister Stevens said her first thought was 1. how desperate are we? and 2. no. you’re drunk). We kindly decline when out comes another wasted man with only one boot on stumbling across the street with a flashlight. They proceed to try and fix the car and every time he tries to pull the car piece out from the car the engine makes this weird high pitched noise. Then one of them was like we need to cut it *pulls out a giant knife* and lays on the ground and starts slicing. I look at sister Stevens and ask “what is he cutting?” she just shrugs. 
Well after their sawing they pull out this big thing and put it in the back of our car and we race to the airport as fast as we can (aka the speed limit) and we still hear scraping under the car. We get there look around and don’t see the elders car and realize they have to be sleeping if they aren’t here and no minutes to call them and wake them up. long story short the airport gave us a hard time because we were late for check in but finally let us check our bags and the elders speedily pull up after us red eyed and looking dazed as ever. And we made it to Guam.

It was a crazy night but I’m really glad everything worked out with our flight and that night. Memory of a life time.
The meeting yesterday was really good! I was so tired but did my best to stay alert. There are 9 missionaries who leave the same time as me and 7 of them were at the meeting yesterday so it took a long time to hear everyone’s testimonies.
Well I am going to go hang out with Sister Saimon, I miss that girl so much!
Love you all!
Sister Stevens


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