“Ga’ba’adag Walegegaed?” -Lemut AKA Walegeg

Last P-Day was pretty fun, we went on a short “hike” or better words, bush walk through peoples taro patches. But it was really pretty, we got to cross some sketchy log bridges and see some stone money. That is pretty much as exciting as this island gets besides proselyting. But it was awesome, and there was a lot of water because of all the rain we have been getting. I also got Alex’s package. It was great, definitely a pick-me-up. Thanks Alex and Tiff!

We didn’t get to teach a lot of lessons this week, we did our best but we had some unusual meetings and other things to help with. On Wednesday, Sister Kaato FINALLY got to call her family for the Christmas call. it was pretty fun. We sang a Kiribati song for her family. They were really surprised we were singing Kiribati song. Then her family was talking to me and SIster Kaato would translate and tell me what to say back. So that was cool.
On Thursday Elder Wolfgramm gave is first District Meeting, sometimes I just feel like a mom because I was so happy for him. He did a great job! But it was a good meeting and then after we had language study and got to pass some of the younger missionaries off for their language mastery’s and teach them a little bit.
After we went to help Lemut in her taro patch but it was short lived because of the rain. We got there, ate, walked to the taro patch, rested, started to clean the bush around the taro patch a little bit then in started raining, pouring! So we ran to one of her relatives house and took refuge for a while because they don’t walk in the rain. So I taught her daughter and one of the Elders recent converts, D, the 10 commandments.
On Friday a lot of things happened! We went to open the church for Nichelle so she could help Sister Reeniyan with her family history. We helped a little bit and then left, they are both so awesome. Nichelle should be getting her mission call any week now, we are all really excited for her. And SIster Reeniyan already has her temple recommend for the temple trip this year! Then later we went out to see Steven and Lemut and they fed us as always after which is good. They only speak Yapese so we talk as much as we can. Buch’uw ea buch’uw. When we were driving back to town we saw Nichelle running on the street, apparently she was running to the store to buy minutes so she could call us! She wanted to give us some pizza, so we asked her and Lucy if they wanted to come teach with us.. surprisingly they said yes! So we ate pizza on our drive to our last appointment. Lucy and Nichelle are the best.
Saturday we went to the church at 8am to plan for Zone Conference the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders had to give a short traning. Then after there was a youth service project to plant flowers at the church. Then Sister Kaato and I set up for the Elders baptism in the afternoon, don’t ask me why, it is just what happened. We stayed for the baptism so we could do the restoration presentation. Then cleaned the church with the young women, set up for church and got home around 5:30. It was an 8 hour day at the church, I was exhausted. When we got back for dinner we had only driven .6 miles which I thought was pretty funny. We sat down and grabbed a snack and then headed to a fireside on the other side of the island for Thol Branch. We went because Lemut (our investigator) was going and we don’t get to go to church in Thol Branch every Sunday so we wanted to make sure we were at least there for that. It went really well. There were over 40 people there! Persident Bamlul stood up at the beginning and said, “..after our opening hymn we will have a prayer by Sister G.O.” and just looked at me and smiled. (G.O. is a nickname they call people here that means like know-it-all.) The branch members love to call me that, it’s okay, they know I’m right 😉
Sunday President Zarbock came, so he spoke during Sacrament Meeting and it was cool because Zarckry (our recent convert from last week) got sustained for the Priesthood. And one of the Elders recent converts, Jackery, got to bless the sacrament for his first time. After church we watched the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. It was good! Review from last year plus some huge changes to the schedule and key indicators!
Zone Conference was yesterday and it was good. We gave our training, it was simple but we said everything we wanted to. I gave my departing testimony, weird. and then went out teaching for the rest of the night.
I’ll be going to Guam this Saturday night.
Love you all!
Sister Stevens

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