U Dakaen Kristus Ram Bi’ech Bayay

Ke urogomed boech tabinaw nge fagar rog?

This week went really well. Zackry got baptized! It was super awesome. He was so happy and he even bore his testimony after. He just talked about how he knows that this is the true church. He said he knew a lot of things he wanted to say but forgot them all as soon as he went up to the pulpit. He and Jeffery are so cool.
This walking Wednesday I got FRIED. Sister Kaato was just staring at me, she said, “I never saw that before.” Haha don’t worry, I won’t forget my sunscreen this week. The rest of the week it has been raining quite a bit. Today it has been raining really hard off and on. I’m wearing my sweater today because I get so cold when it rains but then I burn up with the humidity as soon as it stops.
We are doing another mission fast and Sister Kaato and I fasted on Thursday. It was a good day, and it went by really fast. On Saturday and Sunday we didn’t have time for a dinner break so we would come home around 9:30, plan for the next day and then cook a full meal. I cooked curry on Saturday night and Sister Kaato cooked fish last night. So good.
On Sunday Zackry got confirmed and then right after Sacrament we headed to Thol branch. Our family that stays in the Elders area finally came to church! They are so awesome! So we sat in Sunday school and Relief society with Lemut. We see them twice a week, every week and they feed us every time. They feed us so much food. And they only speak Yapese so I basically go solo when we go over there. They are working really hard to be ready to be baptized in February, we will see how it goes. I mostly just want to make sure that they are really ready. This week we will help Lemut in her taro patch, wish me luck!
We had an emergency transfer this week, Elder Sandy went to Guam. He was the Elder here who was from Chuuk. He was super nice, we were sad to see him go.
This morning Sister Jones and I went running around the lagoon and it was just pourning rain. We stood outside for over 10 minutes before we actually started running. It’s surprising how hot you can still get running in the rain here. And it has been off and on raining until now.
President Zarbock is coming this week so I’ll be emailing on Tuesday (here) next week.
Sister Stevens


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