“So, I want to share my testimony that God loves me… and that He loves you.” -Sister Kaato

Mweli Mwoami!

This week went by fast because half of it was spent on Guam. Tuesday I was with Sister Brown and Sister Tadati (from Kiribati!) down in the Talisay area! I love that area on Guam. Those sisters are really awesome, so it was fun to work with them. We also had a service project, we were just taking down this huge pile of coral and spreading it around this Thai ladies yard. She was super funny, she gave me some of her art and just explained to me that she has her own style. She owns it. My hands got destroyed at the service but it was fun. It was so weird saying goodbye to everyone that was on Guam.

We had our planning meeting on Wednesday for Zone Meeting. Sister Lavida is always so nice to let us go there. She just sits there and laughs at us. Then Sister Smith and I were on exchanges so it was fun to teach a couple outer island people! They are so awesome, I love those people!

Thursday we had zone meeting which went pretty well. Sister Smith and I did the same old thing and I felt pretty good about it. We are teaching Zackry and Nichelle how to teach the missionary lessons and it is so awesome! They love it! And this week we even got Jeffery to do it! It is really fun to see them get into missionary work, mostly just because that would be so cool if Zackry actually ends up going on a mission, I think he will.
We are teaching this guy named AJ and he is super funny. This week Sister Kaato and I were walking on the road and we had just seen so many drunk people so we were walking back to our car and this car is just speeding right at us, I for sure thought my life was over… it was AJ. It was super funny, he was just laughing at us and it was awesome. I love it when investigators talk to us other places besides when we go to their house.
Yesterday I had to give a talk in Thol Branch. To be honest I was a little bit bummed because next week I have to go to Thol Branch so I only have one more week in Colonia Branch but, it’s okay. I gave a talk on tithing. It was pretty funny because President Bamlul gave me the same topic he gave me 13 months ago.. so I looked for my old talk and used it as a skeleton. There are pretty much all new people in that branch now so I think it worked out nicely. I think they got the point: Everyone needs to pay an honest tithing.
We found some cool new investigators this week which is really bitter-sweet. Mostly sweet! I am so excited to teach them, some people just have really willing hearts.
This week is going to go by really fast. We are supposed to have 3 baptisms this week so pray that they will all work out! I am so excited for Steven, Lemut, Rungun and Rogon. I love that family!
Sister Stevens


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