Kug kirebaen, dam mu mog ngog. Kammagar.

Mange ke buch ko muruwel rog?

Mogethin family and friends!
Last P-day was really good. Us sisters treated ourselves to the Mnuw, the nice boat restaurant. We had a pretty good time up there and Sister Jones was really loving it. She was cracking me up the whole time. Then just Sister Kaato and I went and ran at the sports complex, played a little basketball and volleyball and then got bored because it was just us two. So we went and explored Thol. We found the man house and I was terrified the whole time. The people in that village scare me. But such a cool Man House. I’m glad I got to see it.
Tuesday was a busy day! In the morning we had a service project at Sister Margarita and President Matthew’s house. It was good because it was barely raining so we stayed pretty cool. We moved some banana trees so that was fun.
Then that same day we had the youth Valentines day activity that they invited us to. There were a lot of youth there. A lot of less actives and investigators so it was really fun. So many people. We rode a taxi from Lemuts to the church with Rungun and Rogon. They were a little bit overwhelmed at the activity but I think they had fun! That took the whole rest of the day but I was happy because I got ice cream. It is such a treat on this island.
Wednesday was good, and hard. It was walking Wednesday so I was pretty tired from that and then we had a small little problem with some of the sisters. President told me to fix it… so I did my best. I think things are pretty much back to normal now. But it was pretty stressful to deal with. That same day Elder Li-Khau and Golightly had 2 baptisms!! So we went to that and it was an awesome baptism because a little girl that got baptized months ago finally got to see her mom and dad get baptized so now they are on a joyful, but difficult road to the temple.
Thursday we are on exchanges so I was with Sister Jones in my area. We only got to teach one lesson but it was a good day. Everything was productive. I love Sister Jones, it was a good day.
Friday was awesome because Lemut, Rogon and Rungun got interviewed for their baptism and they all passed! They studied together and practiced. I love them! It was a stressful afternoon because we had to send Sister Kaato’s FSM Entry Permit to Pohnpei. It is pretty stressful getting her life figured out with no passport. I keep trying to reinforce how important passports are to her but the whole thing is still kind of a joke for her.
Saturday was the baptism! Everything went good except the power was out. It was really cool because our Branch President Choay got to baptize his daughter, his first kid to get baptized but not his oldest kid. And also Lemut, Rogon and Rungun got baptized and it was awesome! They were so happy. I am so excited for their family! It was a good day but I am always so tired after baptisms. I am just really grateful we got out of there before it got too dark.
Also something really cool happened Saturday night. We were teaching Regina and asked her about her baptism and she said she really is going to get baptized this Saturday! It is basically just a miracle baptism for me. We have been teaching her for a pretty long time and she knows and understands a lot! But I am just so excited for her.
Sunday, Sister Kaato and I went to Thol Branch. So weird, I haven’t been to Colonia branch in 3 weeks. But it was fun to go there. THERE WERE 66 PEOPLE THERE!!! Like, what? Sorry but the first time I gave a talk in Thol branch there were less then 10 people in sacrament meeting and 4 of us were missionaries. I believe in miracles when missionaries and members work together.
These last couple weeks have been pretty tiring, I am really just trying to prepare Sister Kaato to be a leader on this island. The people are here there just needs to be prepared missionaries to find them. The work here is so exciting, great are the promises of the Lord upon the isles of the sea! I wish I could stick around to see all of the exciting things that will happen here.
Sister Stevens


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