Gu ba’adag Wa’ab. Bin tommor ea loey rog.

Well this week has been nothing but normal and the best week ever and so sad. Sorry, really there were a lot of emotions.
But I just want to say that I finished my mission strong, in bed, with food poisoning haha the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Friday was crazy, we took our car into the shop and ended up walking ALL DAY. It was awesome until night time but everything worked out. Sister Nichelle got her mission call! So we were all jumping up and down and screaming waiting for our meeting to start. Then we had a little Leadership Training sort of meeting thing. And after we hitched a ride with Sister Faltinag to Nichelle’s house to open her call. But first we enjoyed a plate full of fresh crab and other local food (pretty sure that’s what made me sick.) Anyways, Nichelle is going to Micronesia Guam Mission! I was so happy, she is going to do so well. She is really happy too!
Then after that we went to Regina’s baptismal interview, the Elders got there way early and started the interview with out us which I wasn’t really happy about to be honest. But everything worked out and she passed! She said, “I thought he was going to fail me because I couldn’t stop laughing!” But she was really happy!
Saturday morning I woke up and felt fine, and then moved my body and realized that I was dying.. at least for 24 hours. I was really sick and then just passed out for a couple hours, couldn’t move for a couple more. Stood up, layed down, walked towards the bathroom to take a shower, layed back down, got up to drink water, layed back down. It took me like an hour to just get in the shower because I felt so sick. But I did it and I made it to the baptism. Okay this is cool… there were 8 baptisms for Yap Zone on Saturday.
That’s a total of 13 Baptisms for the month of February on Yap!
Okay back to the baptism.. everything worked out. Everyone was happy. My body felt like a crouton about to snap into pieces but it was good. Regina was so happy! Everyone was happy. Then some of the Elders took our car and house key back across the island with them because it had the church keys on them and they forgot so we stayed and helped clean because we had no way home.
Sunday was also crazy I felt a little better but still a little sick. But the crazy part was that Regina was waiting for her taxi for over an hour!! So we had to jack Elder Li-Khau and Elder Golightly’s car and go pick her up so she would make it for her Confirmation! She made it, and it was great. (Side note: Sister Smith started crying at our missionary meeting after church because she thought she lost her camera and realized she couldn’t take pictures of us together this week haha it was pretty funny but also pretty sad. She found her camera.)
Okay back to the beginning of the week. We found out on Tuesday that our recent convert Jeffery was leaving for Guam. It was pretty sad to say goodbye but I’m going to try to see him on Wednesday or Thursday and say bye.
One of the nights this week the thunder was so loud that I didn’t get any sleep. I just laid awake and there was so much thunder! It has been like that a lot at night lately.
READ HERE BECAUSE THIS IS COOL. Elder Holland came to Guam this week! What? He came here for the missionaries! Also gave a devotional for the members but how cool is that? So two Apostles have come to my mission since I have been here since I came on my mission. Good things are happening on these islands. Elder Holland is so funny! He just said how we have a hard mission but not really and we all need to act like missionaries and get back to work. We don’t have any excuses and was really just have more of a responsibility because of a lack of supervision. This mission covers about 1.5 million miles. But he told us that we need to smile more, this is council that his wife often gives him and he says, “Yeah, but it’s harder for me because gravity is working against me!” Anyways, he is awesome. It was so fun to hear from him and also painful to be so close but so far. To be honest, I would still rather be on Yap though so all is well.
Well love you all a lot! Thanks for your love, prayers and letters!
I am really grateful for the time I have been given to serve the people of Yap and share the one true source of light and happiness, which is Jesus Christ. I knew before my mission but I know even more now that Jesus Christ is our Savior and our friend. I have found guidance through the Book of Mormon and I know that it is true. I am grateful for the blessings that the restored gospel has brought into my life. I find renewed peace and joy everyday because of the gift of repentance.
What a great day!
Sister Stevens