Gu ba’adag Wa’ab. Bin tommor ea loey rog.

Well this week has been nothing but normal and the best week ever and so sad. Sorry, really there were a lot of emotions.
But I just want to say that I finished my mission strong, in bed, with food poisoning haha the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Friday was crazy, we took our car into the shop and ended up walking ALL DAY. It was awesome until night time but everything worked out. Sister Nichelle got her mission call! So we were all jumping up and down and screaming waiting for our meeting to start. Then we had a little Leadership Training sort of meeting thing. And after we hitched a ride with Sister Faltinag to Nichelle’s house to open her call. But first we enjoyed a plate full of fresh crab and other local food (pretty sure that’s what made me sick.) Anyways, Nichelle is going to Micronesia Guam Mission! I was so happy, she is going to do so well. She is really happy too!
Then after that we went to Regina’s baptismal interview, the Elders got there way early and started the interview with out us which I wasn’t really happy about to be honest. But everything worked out and she passed! She said, “I thought he was going to fail me because I couldn’t stop laughing!” But she was really happy!
Saturday morning I woke up and felt fine, and then moved my body and realized that I was dying.. at least for 24 hours. I was really sick and then just passed out for a couple hours, couldn’t move for a couple more. Stood up, layed down, walked towards the bathroom to take a shower, layed back down, got up to drink water, layed back down. It took me like an hour to just get in the shower because I felt so sick. But I did it and I made it to the baptism. Okay this is cool… there were 8 baptisms for Yap Zone on Saturday.
That’s a total of 13 Baptisms for the month of February on Yap!
Okay back to the baptism.. everything worked out. Everyone was happy. My body felt like a crouton about to snap into pieces but it was good. Regina was so happy! Everyone was happy. Then some of the Elders took our car and house key back across the island with them because it had the church keys on them and they forgot so we stayed and helped clean because we had no way home.
Sunday was also crazy I felt a little better but still a little sick. But the crazy part was that Regina was waiting for her taxi for over an hour!! So we had to jack Elder Li-Khau and Elder Golightly’s car and go pick her up so she would make it for her Confirmation! She made it, and it was great. (Side note: Sister Smith started crying at our missionary meeting after church because she thought she lost her camera and realized she couldn’t take pictures of us together this week haha it was pretty funny but also pretty sad. She found her camera.)
Okay back to the beginning of the week. We found out on Tuesday that our recent convert Jeffery was leaving for Guam. It was pretty sad to say goodbye but I’m going to try to see him on Wednesday or Thursday and say bye.
One of the nights this week the thunder was so loud that I didn’t get any sleep. I just laid awake and there was so much thunder! It has been like that a lot at night lately.
READ HERE BECAUSE THIS IS COOL. Elder Holland came to Guam this week! What? He came here for the missionaries! Also gave a devotional for the members but how cool is that? So two Apostles have come to my mission since I have been here since I came on my mission. Good things are happening on these islands. Elder Holland is so funny! He just said how we have a hard mission but not really and we all need to act like missionaries and get back to work. We don’t have any excuses and was really just have more of a responsibility because of a lack of supervision. This mission covers about 1.5 million miles. But he told us that we need to smile more, this is council that his wife often gives him and he says, “Yeah, but it’s harder for me because gravity is working against me!” Anyways, he is awesome. It was so fun to hear from him and also painful to be so close but so far. To be honest, I would still rather be on Yap though so all is well.
Well love you all a lot! Thanks for your love, prayers and letters!
I am really grateful for the time I have been given to serve the people of Yap and share the one true source of light and happiness, which is Jesus Christ. I knew before my mission but I know even more now that Jesus Christ is our Savior and our friend. I have found guidance through the Book of Mormon and I know that it is true. I am grateful for the blessings that the restored gospel has brought into my life. I find renewed peace and joy everyday because of the gift of repentance.
What a great day!
Sister Stevens


Kug kirebaen, dam mu mog ngog. Kammagar.

Mange ke buch ko muruwel rog?

Mogethin family and friends!
Last P-day was really good. Us sisters treated ourselves to the Mnuw, the nice boat restaurant. We had a pretty good time up there and Sister Jones was really loving it. She was cracking me up the whole time. Then just Sister Kaato and I went and ran at the sports complex, played a little basketball and volleyball and then got bored because it was just us two. So we went and explored Thol. We found the man house and I was terrified the whole time. The people in that village scare me. But such a cool Man House. I’m glad I got to see it.
Tuesday was a busy day! In the morning we had a service project at Sister Margarita and President Matthew’s house. It was good because it was barely raining so we stayed pretty cool. We moved some banana trees so that was fun.
Then that same day we had the youth Valentines day activity that they invited us to. There were a lot of youth there. A lot of less actives and investigators so it was really fun. So many people. We rode a taxi from Lemuts to the church with Rungun and Rogon. They were a little bit overwhelmed at the activity but I think they had fun! That took the whole rest of the day but I was happy because I got ice cream. It is such a treat on this island.
Wednesday was good, and hard. It was walking Wednesday so I was pretty tired from that and then we had a small little problem with some of the sisters. President told me to fix it… so I did my best. I think things are pretty much back to normal now. But it was pretty stressful to deal with. That same day Elder Li-Khau and Golightly had 2 baptisms!! So we went to that and it was an awesome baptism because a little girl that got baptized months ago finally got to see her mom and dad get baptized so now they are on a joyful, but difficult road to the temple.
Thursday we are on exchanges so I was with Sister Jones in my area. We only got to teach one lesson but it was a good day. Everything was productive. I love Sister Jones, it was a good day.
Friday was awesome because Lemut, Rogon and Rungun got interviewed for their baptism and they all passed! They studied together and practiced. I love them! It was a stressful afternoon because we had to send Sister Kaato’s FSM Entry Permit to Pohnpei. It is pretty stressful getting her life figured out with no passport. I keep trying to reinforce how important passports are to her but the whole thing is still kind of a joke for her.
Saturday was the baptism! Everything went good except the power was out. It was really cool because our Branch President Choay got to baptize his daughter, his first kid to get baptized but not his oldest kid. And also Lemut, Rogon and Rungun got baptized and it was awesome! They were so happy. I am so excited for their family! It was a good day but I am always so tired after baptisms. I am just really grateful we got out of there before it got too dark.
Also something really cool happened Saturday night. We were teaching Regina and asked her about her baptism and she said she really is going to get baptized this Saturday! It is basically just a miracle baptism for me. We have been teaching her for a pretty long time and she knows and understands a lot! But I am just so excited for her.
Sunday, Sister Kaato and I went to Thol Branch. So weird, I haven’t been to Colonia branch in 3 weeks. But it was fun to go there. THERE WERE 66 PEOPLE THERE!!! Like, what? Sorry but the first time I gave a talk in Thol branch there were less then 10 people in sacrament meeting and 4 of us were missionaries. I believe in miracles when missionaries and members work together.
These last couple weeks have been pretty tiring, I am really just trying to prepare Sister Kaato to be a leader on this island. The people are here there just needs to be prepared missionaries to find them. The work here is so exciting, great are the promises of the Lord upon the isles of the sea! I wish I could stick around to see all of the exciting things that will happen here.
Sister Stevens

“So, I want to share my testimony that God loves me… and that He loves you.” -Sister Kaato

Mweli Mwoami!

This week went by fast because half of it was spent on Guam. Tuesday I was with Sister Brown and Sister Tadati (from Kiribati!) down in the Talisay area! I love that area on Guam. Those sisters are really awesome, so it was fun to work with them. We also had a service project, we were just taking down this huge pile of coral and spreading it around this Thai ladies yard. She was super funny, she gave me some of her art and just explained to me that she has her own style. She owns it. My hands got destroyed at the service but it was fun. It was so weird saying goodbye to everyone that was on Guam.

We had our planning meeting on Wednesday for Zone Meeting. Sister Lavida is always so nice to let us go there. She just sits there and laughs at us. Then Sister Smith and I were on exchanges so it was fun to teach a couple outer island people! They are so awesome, I love those people!

Thursday we had zone meeting which went pretty well. Sister Smith and I did the same old thing and I felt pretty good about it. We are teaching Zackry and Nichelle how to teach the missionary lessons and it is so awesome! They love it! And this week we even got Jeffery to do it! It is really fun to see them get into missionary work, mostly just because that would be so cool if Zackry actually ends up going on a mission, I think he will.
We are teaching this guy named AJ and he is super funny. This week Sister Kaato and I were walking on the road and we had just seen so many drunk people so we were walking back to our car and this car is just speeding right at us, I for sure thought my life was over… it was AJ. It was super funny, he was just laughing at us and it was awesome. I love it when investigators talk to us other places besides when we go to their house.
Yesterday I had to give a talk in Thol Branch. To be honest I was a little bit bummed because next week I have to go to Thol Branch so I only have one more week in Colonia Branch but, it’s okay. I gave a talk on tithing. It was pretty funny because President Bamlul gave me the same topic he gave me 13 months ago.. so I looked for my old talk and used it as a skeleton. There are pretty much all new people in that branch now so I think it worked out nicely. I think they got the point: Everyone needs to pay an honest tithing.
We found some cool new investigators this week which is really bitter-sweet. Mostly sweet! I am so excited to teach them, some people just have really willing hearts.
This week is going to go by really fast. We are supposed to have 3 baptisms this week so pray that they will all work out! I am so excited for Steven, Lemut, Rungun and Rogon. I love that family!
Sister Stevens

Dariy ea tofan, athamagil nge muruwel nib manemus.

Happy Birthday Michelle!

This week was really good. It rained so much! I had to turn the heater on in the car! It just poured and poured. I was just cold all the time. Then it would stop for a little bit and just start pouring again, it was crazy.
Sister Smith’s account of Saturday night which was the only notable thing that happened this week:

Sister Stevens and I were supposed to be AT the airport at 1:30 am to check in…BUT we kinda got distracted at home making scones, trying on clothes, and chatting. We then looked at the time, speed packed and raced out the door at 1:40 am(whoops…). Of course we are exactly obedient and drove as fast as we can…aka 15 mph ha. It’s been raining like CRAZY alllllll week. So we came up to the bridge and the water reservoir and the road was flooded really deep (I don’t think is was from the reservoir though). (the speed limit right here is 25) Sister Stevens and I see the water and we are scared of making it all the way through the water so we just kept speed and didn’t slow down thinking we could keep the momentum going…. HA. half way through the water we started to slow and sister Stevens steps on the gas and starts swerving the car (idk what it did but I feel like for some reason I would have done the same thing) to make it through. Then finally we made it though!!!…

BUT… all of a sudden we hear  “al;ghao;ehgaioshzdhsjrtkgagag” *some scary noise of things dragging on the ground* and I look at Sister Stevens and just ask “do you think it’s just water coming off of the car?” …no. It was definitely not water. She pulls over and I get out and look (BUT we both left our flash lights at home…no need for them on Guam.-only the little firefly of a light on the dinosaur phone) so all I see is a huge black part of the car on the ground underneath…not good. And to make matters worse…we didn’t’ have any minutes on our phone (Sister Stevens had asked the zone leaders to send us some TWICE earlier) so we couldn’t call anyone. We didn’t know what to do when a car pulls over to help us (YES!!!) and out comes from the drivers seat a man… who is completely wasted. Ha he asks us if we need help or a ride and for some reason my mind wasn’t processing the fact that the smell of alcohol was very strong and my first thought was “is there a girl in the car?” (later sister Stevens said her first thought was 1. how desperate are we? and 2. no. you’re drunk). We kindly decline when out comes another wasted man with only one boot on stumbling across the street with a flashlight. They proceed to try and fix the car and every time he tries to pull the car piece out from the car the engine makes this weird high pitched noise. Then one of them was like we need to cut it *pulls out a giant knife* and lays on the ground and starts slicing. I look at sister Stevens and ask “what is he cutting?” she just shrugs. 
Well after their sawing they pull out this big thing and put it in the back of our car and we race to the airport as fast as we can (aka the speed limit) and we still hear scraping under the car. We get there look around and don’t see the elders car and realize they have to be sleeping if they aren’t here and no minutes to call them and wake them up. long story short the airport gave us a hard time because we were late for check in but finally let us check our bags and the elders speedily pull up after us red eyed and looking dazed as ever. And we made it to Guam.

It was a crazy night but I’m really glad everything worked out with our flight and that night. Memory of a life time.
The meeting yesterday was really good! I was so tired but did my best to stay alert. There are 9 missionaries who leave the same time as me and 7 of them were at the meeting yesterday so it took a long time to hear everyone’s testimonies.
Well I am going to go hang out with Sister Saimon, I miss that girl so much!
Love you all!
Sister Stevens

“Ga’ba’adag Walegegaed?” -Lemut AKA Walegeg

Last P-Day was pretty fun, we went on a short “hike” or better words, bush walk through peoples taro patches. But it was really pretty, we got to cross some sketchy log bridges and see some stone money. That is pretty much as exciting as this island gets besides proselyting. But it was awesome, and there was a lot of water because of all the rain we have been getting. I also got Alex’s package. It was great, definitely a pick-me-up. Thanks Alex and Tiff!

We didn’t get to teach a lot of lessons this week, we did our best but we had some unusual meetings and other things to help with. On Wednesday, Sister Kaato FINALLY got to call her family for the Christmas call. it was pretty fun. We sang a Kiribati song for her family. They were really surprised we were singing Kiribati song. Then her family was talking to me and SIster Kaato would translate and tell me what to say back. So that was cool.
On Thursday Elder Wolfgramm gave is first District Meeting, sometimes I just feel like a mom because I was so happy for him. He did a great job! But it was a good meeting and then after we had language study and got to pass some of the younger missionaries off for their language mastery’s and teach them a little bit.
After we went to help Lemut in her taro patch but it was short lived because of the rain. We got there, ate, walked to the taro patch, rested, started to clean the bush around the taro patch a little bit then in started raining, pouring! So we ran to one of her relatives house and took refuge for a while because they don’t walk in the rain. So I taught her daughter and one of the Elders recent converts, D, the 10 commandments.
On Friday a lot of things happened! We went to open the church for Nichelle so she could help Sister Reeniyan with her family history. We helped a little bit and then left, they are both so awesome. Nichelle should be getting her mission call any week now, we are all really excited for her. And SIster Reeniyan already has her temple recommend for the temple trip this year! Then later we went out to see Steven and Lemut and they fed us as always after which is good. They only speak Yapese so we talk as much as we can. Buch’uw ea buch’uw. When we were driving back to town we saw Nichelle running on the street, apparently she was running to the store to buy minutes so she could call us! She wanted to give us some pizza, so we asked her and Lucy if they wanted to come teach with us.. surprisingly they said yes! So we ate pizza on our drive to our last appointment. Lucy and Nichelle are the best.
Saturday we went to the church at 8am to plan for Zone Conference the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders had to give a short traning. Then after there was a youth service project to plant flowers at the church. Then Sister Kaato and I set up for the Elders baptism in the afternoon, don’t ask me why, it is just what happened. We stayed for the baptism so we could do the restoration presentation. Then cleaned the church with the young women, set up for church and got home around 5:30. It was an 8 hour day at the church, I was exhausted. When we got back for dinner we had only driven .6 miles which I thought was pretty funny. We sat down and grabbed a snack and then headed to a fireside on the other side of the island for Thol Branch. We went because Lemut (our investigator) was going and we don’t get to go to church in Thol Branch every Sunday so we wanted to make sure we were at least there for that. It went really well. There were over 40 people there! Persident Bamlul stood up at the beginning and said, “..after our opening hymn we will have a prayer by Sister G.O.” and just looked at me and smiled. (G.O. is a nickname they call people here that means like know-it-all.) The branch members love to call me that, it’s okay, they know I’m right 😉
Sunday President Zarbock came, so he spoke during Sacrament Meeting and it was cool because Zarckry (our recent convert from last week) got sustained for the Priesthood. And one of the Elders recent converts, Jackery, got to bless the sacrament for his first time. After church we watched the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. It was good! Review from last year plus some huge changes to the schedule and key indicators!
Zone Conference was yesterday and it was good. We gave our training, it was simple but we said everything we wanted to. I gave my departing testimony, weird. and then went out teaching for the rest of the night.
I’ll be going to Guam this Saturday night.
Love you all!
Sister Stevens

U Dakaen Kristus Ram Bi’ech Bayay

Ke urogomed boech tabinaw nge fagar rog?

This week went really well. Zackry got baptized! It was super awesome. He was so happy and he even bore his testimony after. He just talked about how he knows that this is the true church. He said he knew a lot of things he wanted to say but forgot them all as soon as he went up to the pulpit. He and Jeffery are so cool.
This walking Wednesday I got FRIED. Sister Kaato was just staring at me, she said, “I never saw that before.” Haha don’t worry, I won’t forget my sunscreen this week. The rest of the week it has been raining quite a bit. Today it has been raining really hard off and on. I’m wearing my sweater today because I get so cold when it rains but then I burn up with the humidity as soon as it stops.
We are doing another mission fast and Sister Kaato and I fasted on Thursday. It was a good day, and it went by really fast. On Saturday and Sunday we didn’t have time for a dinner break so we would come home around 9:30, plan for the next day and then cook a full meal. I cooked curry on Saturday night and Sister Kaato cooked fish last night. So good.
On Sunday Zackry got confirmed and then right after Sacrament we headed to Thol branch. Our family that stays in the Elders area finally came to church! They are so awesome! So we sat in Sunday school and Relief society with Lemut. We see them twice a week, every week and they feed us every time. They feed us so much food. And they only speak Yapese so I basically go solo when we go over there. They are working really hard to be ready to be baptized in February, we will see how it goes. I mostly just want to make sure that they are really ready. This week we will help Lemut in her taro patch, wish me luck!
We had an emergency transfer this week, Elder Sandy went to Guam. He was the Elder here who was from Chuuk. He was super nice, we were sad to see him go.
This morning Sister Jones and I went running around the lagoon and it was just pourning rain. We stood outside for over 10 minutes before we actually started running. It’s surprising how hot you can still get running in the rain here. And it has been off and on raining until now.
President Zarbock is coming this week so I’ll be emailing on Tuesday (here) next week.
Sister Stevens

Happy New Year Nib Manechubog

Every single day this week someone told me Happy New Year! And I just wanted to say, “It’s January 7th, calm down.” Because they were all drunk but I obviously can’t say that. I guess people celebrate New Years the whole month of January.

The Guam trip left we exhausted! Monday was so fun. We went shopping and then the Yap Leadership went bowling! It was great. I can’t send pictures this week but next week for sure. I was especially bad this week at bowling, so embarrassing but it was fun.
Tuesday morning Sister Smith and I went biking for exercise which was really fun. Sister Smith hit her face into a branch which was a highlight. She took it like a champ, didn’t even fall off her bike! But it was good to get outside when the air is still fresh and cool. Then the rest of the day I was biking with Sister Kum Kee again. Sister Kum Kee is just the cutest missionary, I love her! But we didn’t really get to teach a lot of lessons so we really were just biking for 4-5 hours. I was so tired. Then we went teaching until 8, pretty low key night. Flew back home, and it was a bummer because I couldn’t fall asleep.
Wednesday we had our planning meeting for our Zone Meeting Thursday. It was long. We tried to hurry through it but just had to figure some things out. We were over at Lavida’s house and she was a champion. Good thing the Elders brought Chocolate Chip cookies, it saved us all! Sister Smith and I were together on exchanges so I wasn’t with Sister Kaato until that night.
Thursday we had our meeting. It went well. We felt a lot of pressure since it our meeting to kick off the year! Our zone has been really successful but we still have a lot of things that we need to work on.
I got sick this week. Sunday was pretty fun because I didn’t really have my voice but still led the music on the bus. I was squeaking all over the place! After church at our meeting all the missionaries were laughing at me so much because every time I opened my mouth it was a surprise. High, low, quiet, only a squeak. It was pretty fun. Oh yeah, and yesterday was our fast Sunday so my throat was extra dry. Good times.
Love you all!
Sister Stevens