HAPPY NEW YEAR… in the airport

Happy 2017!

2016 was definitely the fastest year of my life! But it was full of so many miracles! I was also pretty excited because I finished the Book of Mormon on New Years! Starting the Book of Mormon was a great way to start and new year and end an old one. I love that book!
This week was good. I’m on Guam now so I don’t even remember what happened this week. Mostly because in the last 48 hours I have slept 7 hours. But I need a fun p-day, so never mind sleep.
It seems like Sister Kaato and I are still just finding a lot. We spend most of our afternoons finding, but it is good we have met some pretty awesome people! We are teaching this Chuukese women and she is awesome, we were teaching her about repentance and she started crying. Chuukese people have such soft hearts! Took me off guard. And we also found a nice Yapese couple. They have been reading their Book of Mormon but are so scared to come to church. We’ll get them there.
Oh yeah, Elder Zonts (my District Leader) got emergency transferred to Guam this week!! He found out Tuesday afternoon that he was “needed on Guam” and left that night. Nobody new until our District Meeting on Thursday.
New Years Eve was good, normal schedule and then at night we packed for Guam, got ready to go, and had a DANCE PARTY! Don’t worry we were only listening to Beethoven but it was fun. Sister Smith and Sister Jones really have no limits. They just go for it. We also had chocolate and all four of us shared shared a grape fanta, we know how to party. It was a great New Years Eve!
The rest of New Years was spent in the airport. I was on a plane or in the airport from 1am until 5:30 am. The Sister Training Leaders on Guam were late to pick us up so we had to sit there for about 20 mins. Then I didn’t lay down to go to bed until 6am. We had church, Mission Leadership Council, and then stayed at the mission office until 11pm. Great way to start the new year! It was really fun. We talked a lot about agency during our training which was really good. Sometimes people justify sinning by saying that God gave us agency but they just need to remember that there are still consequences for all of our actions. Righteous actions bring happiness! Elder Taylor gave his departing testimony which was weird, we went to Yap at the same time but he will be going home in a couple of weeks.
Hopefully we can do something fun today so I can send some cool pics next week!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens


Happy Birthday Nizzle-Toe!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

This week has been great! On Tuesday we went on exchanges, I was with Sister Jones. She was in my area so it was pretty fun. She got to see the main island Yap culture. Not as much food but it is pretty great. We had a good time and taught some good lessons.
On Friday we had a Zone Meeting and then we ate lunch and opened our secret santa presents to each other. The Elders bought a ham and asked if we could cook it and then said, “or if you want we can cook it..” so I told them to cook it and they were SHOCKED. At first they were excited but by Thursday they were freaking out, “can you sisters cook it?” they even asked(begged) the other sisters but we made them do it. It turned out really good! Sister Smith was my secret santa! She got me a Stars Wars pillow, it ties my bed together really nice. And a grumpy cat calender. Everyone in our zone got a kick out of that.
Saturday was crazy. Merry Christmas Eve! We went to the church to clean the font and make the program, then we drove all the way to the other side of the island to Elder Zonts and Elder Neilson’s baptism at the beach. It turned out really well! We went because our recent convert, Jeffery, got to baptize their convert. It was awesome! Then we headed back to Colonia, and it was time for our baptism! So we walked down to get Jarvis and Jucienta. They were so excited and nervous! They are the cutest. And they baptism went smooth. The Elders did an impromptu musical performance “Oh Come all Ye Faithful” it was really good. And after we went over to our investigators/recent converts house and our investigator wasn’t there (Regina.) So we went to a less actives house and helped her grind tapioca. Simis was laughing so hard at me the whole time. I had tapioca ALL over me. It was really fun though.
We went home, planned and passed out. At midnight Sister Smith woke us up because Sister Smith and Sister Jones prepared us a ham, mashed potatoes, and mac n’ cheese. It was so good! Food tastes better at night. Then Sister Kaato and Sister Jones went to sleep and Sister Smith and I sang Christmas songs, cooked the pumpkin pie, drank some hot chocolate, and took some pictures in front of the tree. It was really fun!
Christmas morning was good. We woke up, opened our presents. I got some good stuff. The winners were my horse skirt, scripture marking pen, and a lulu lemon headband from Sister Smith’s mom. Sister Jones made some chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and bacon. We definitely ate good! Church was good with an unorganized “program” afterwards. I got to skype my family. We searched for a number so we could call Sister Kaato’s family. Then went to dinner at Lavida’s house. Then we just kind of tried not to run into drunk people for the rest of the night. But it was an awesome Christmas!
This weekend I’m going to Guam for the meeting. It will be fun to see Sister Bradford and Sister Saimon, I miss them a lot!
Happy New Years!
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens

“You’re awesome because I’m awesome!” –Sister Kaato

Merry Christmas!!

If you look at my pictures below you can see that a lot of missionaries stole my camera and took selfies so I included a lot of them.
One of the return missionaries from our branch, Juanita, left for the states this week and so on Tuesday night the youth did a little fireside/goodbye party for her. They danced and bore their testimonies, it was really good. I wouldn’t really know though because they asked us to go home the cook the hotdogs for the activity last minute. We were happy to do it, it was just sad because we missed the whole thing.
The saddest part was that our investigator, Zackery, bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon and we missed it. Zackery is doing really well. He will get baptized Dec 31. He is really excited and we are trying to get him excited to go on a mission. If the branch jumps in, he will really strengthen the youth.
This week we were finding and this car passed us, honked, pulled over, reversed and this guy said, “Are you the Mormon missionaries? I want to get baptized.” I just started laughing and we went over to talk to him and he is visiting from Utah. He moved off of Yap 18 years ago, served a mission, and lives in Utah now with his family. JP was super nice, bought us ice cream and everything. He came because he is taking his grandma back to the states, Sister Fanapin. She will be missed here.
This week Jarvis and Jucinta will get baptized. Jucinta is 10 and Jarvis is 9. They have been coming to church for over 3 months. Their mom is a less active so we are slowly working with that family. They are super cool. Those little kids are awesome!
On Saturday we had language study and our investigator Regina came! I love that girl. She is so great. It was kind of painful for her because she doesn’t really like to be around people and talk but she really helped us. Hopefully I’ll be telling you all when her baptism is soon. We are praying for it.
Sister Kaato is awesome. I love her so much! We twinned a couple times this week. She is so cute I’m just trying to keep up with her! But she is doing really well. Sister Jones is also doing really well. We have a super fun house. I cannot get a moment of rest with these girls. But it is so fun!
Yesterday Sister Kaato and Sister Smith were together and the car got stuck so Sister Kaato had to try to push the car out of the mud! She got covered in mud! And this happened right before church! So she had to run home and change. Sister Jones and I went to Thol Branch so we just heard about it later.
Anyways, love you all a lot!
Have a good week!
Sister Stevens

Early Christmas Present

Well this week was pretty crazy. Tuesday we had two service projects, which was awesome! We helped our recent convert, Evita, sew ang for her new house. Then we went and planted some tapioca with Reeniyan (try to say that name!) We got fed both times and we were so full! It was really fun. Then they packed a little bit. We went out taught, mostly just said goodbye. Taking SIster Saimon and Sister Bradford to the airport was pretty heartbreaking. I may or may not have cried. The Zone Leaders (Elder Li-Khau and Golightly… I call them the twin towers) insisted on coming to the airport because I was going to be alone for like 30 mins waiting for Sister Kaato at the airport.

Sister Kaato coming to Yap was one of the biggest miracles of my mission. She went to the airport to get on the plane but some little kid had written over the writing on her passport and visa! And she also doesn’t have any alternate ID. So they called President Zarbock and he got to the airport in 10 minutes. Talked to the people and last minute said she could come through. So President Zarbock just yelled, “RUN SISTER KAATO!! Have fun on Yap!” And she almost didn’t make it here. I would have been alone!! She has to get a new passport and visa now. Anyways, it was a miracle.
Sister Kaato is so sweet! She is my early Christmas present because she is from Christmas Island, Kiribati! We have had a lot of fun together so far! We also got to teach some of the other SIsters outer island investigators and I used every outer island work I knew. It was pretty funny! I need to work on my outer island, it is very poor.
Thursday we had Zone Meeting and it went well. It is was really short.
Saturday there was a branch clean-up. From the picture you can tell I was working really hard! But it was fun, we flooded the chapel to clean it, scrubbed and then pushed it all out the door and mopped. Then also went outside and clean. Then one of the girls in our branch is leaving so we went to her family goodbye party and it was fun. They asked me to pray and I was so nervous, but I think everyone understood my Yapese!
Saturday night we picked up the other sisters from the airport. So now we have Sister Jones on island form Missouri. I haven’t had a lot of time to get to know her but she is really cool. And a good cook! Blessings.
Zackery was supposed to get baptized this Saturday but didn’t make it to church. I was fuming. We went to his house and he felt so bad! His sister left Saturday night and he didn’t get home until around 3am. So he slept in. But he said he felt so bad about missing church he read the Book of Mormon all day! He read from Jacob all the way to Alma 29! That kid is awesome! He will tell us on Tuesday when he is getting baptized. A little hard to schedule with the way that the holidays fell on the calender this year.
Things are going good on Yap! I am so happy to be here!
Merry Christmas!
Don’t forget to do your In 25 Ways In 25 Days!
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens

Sisters on Yap got Nuked (Transfer Calls)

Okay well, last night was transfer calls. As an old British Elder used to say on this island, “Wha in tha werld?”

There are so many weird things happening with the sisters here!
1, Sister Smith is training this transfer so she left on Tuesday night last week for Guam and will come back this Saturday with her new Trainee.
2. Sister Bradford is the new Sister Training Leader…. on GUAM. She is leaving for GUAM!! No one knows why.
3. Sister Saimon also got transferred to Guam. That was a huge surprise. So I will get my new companion Sister Kaato from Kiribati on Tuesday night when the other sister leave.
We are all kind of freaking out right now. No one really knows what is going on.
But, on the bright side: I’M STILL ON YAP. Haha one area wonder.
I am going to miss Sister Saimon so much 😥 I’m so sad she is leaving!!
So we were on exchanges Tuesday when the Zone Leaders called all of us Sisters to meet at the church. And they told us that Sister Smith was leaving THAT NIGHT for Guam because she is training. (We still don’t know who she is training.) So she has been gone all week. She was freaking out, she even took a proselyting break to buy some candy. She offered me some and I said, “Nah, you need it more than me.” And she said, “You’re right.” Shoved it in her mouth and walked away. I’m pretty excited to see who our fresh meat is. Hopefully they don’t like candy as much as Sister Smith because then all of our church funds will go to buying candy!
This week was fun because Sister Bradford, Saimon and I were together the whole time. We were taking over both areas. So we taught a lot of lessons and had a pretty good time. It was kind of just an eerie feeling all week because we knew Sister Bradford was leaving but we didn’t know where she was going. But we also went on a lot of splits so one of us would go with Sister Bradford and the other one would go with a member.
Well, we had a baptism this week, Jucienta, but she moved into the Elders area. So they have a baptism this week! But there is no difference I am so happy she is getting baptized.. and so are the elders haha
Zackery is still excited to get baptized and even quite chewing betelnut this week! He has read all the way to 2 Nephi 28 in the last like 3-4 weeks! He is really cool. So hopefully he will be set for December 17th! He will really strengthen the youth in our branch.
Saturday the other sisters investigator Ariel got baptized! They have been teaching her for a long time! She is my BFF. We are pretty sassy together. But it was a really happy day. Her original baptismal date was the beginning of October so it has been a long one coming. She would take a good picture. We just did the best we could. Also the Zone Leaders baptized a less actives little boy and it was pretty fantastic because they reactivated the parents. So the Dad got to baptize his two little kids.
Then transfers last night which were.. not that happy. But I guess the work just moves on.
This is going to be a good transfer!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens

Mangil ea Fowap

Well I do not have a lot of time, I’m going to make it quick.

First things first, Happy Birthday Ben! I got your package on your birthday! I felt a little bit bad about that but thank you so much! Loved it all!
There were really only two major events that happened this week.
The first was Thanksgiving! We spent the whole week preparing the food during our lunch and dinner breaks only. Then on Thursday we spent all morning preparing. Good thing there were four sisters! We did two turkeys, three pies, loads of mashed potatoes, apple crisp, homemade gravy, and cooked carrots with butter and brown sugar. It was a big meal. But it was really fun and everything turned out. Good thing there were four of us to help out!
At our missionary lunch we got to watch the Best Two Years. Everyone really loved it. Really loved it. Haha Sister Saimon loves throwing out random quotes. “I know that Joseph Smith is a pamphlet!” That is her favorite. Then we cleaned up really quick and were off to go out prosolyting.
Sister Saimon and I are kind of low on investigators right now so we spend most of our time walking around and trying to find people. It’s November but its HOT. So it’s good, we are getting a lot of blessings! We have been really blessed with a few but mostly progressing investigators so no complaints.
On Thanksgiving night there was a Branch Thanksgiving activity. We were out for most of the night teaching but went to help serve food because that is quite the task here. You can see in the picture that I was sweating a lot. That is hard work!! The Relief Society has to prepare and load all of the peoples plates. The Yapese women are so fast and good at it, I am always the weak link. They mostly refrain from scolding me but sometimes can’t help it. They laugh it off by the end! There was a really good turn out, so it was pretty exciting to see so many people there.
On Saturday we had a missionary fireside to kick of the #LighttheWorld initiative for Christmas. We had an awesome turn out! So many investigators and a lot of them were outer-island which was really exciting also. We had food, watched a lot of Christmas Mormon Messages, sang together, and cut out little snow flakes! We had about 60 people there. Some how I got put in charge of explaining the 25 Ways in 25 Days thing. Sister Saimon kind of just snuck in the back of the room and didn’t say anything, so I was on my own! I love that new video they put out! Is that Grandma in it? But I am really excited for the initiative, everyone should do it and pray that it will help missionary work.
Happy December!
I hope you all have a great week!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens

Ri ba feal’ ea Pi Titaw Rog

My subject means: My Grandmothers are marvelous!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you have an awesome week and eat a lot of Turkey and other good stuff for me!
This last week had a lot of ups and downs haha the ups included hearing from a General Authority the downs included me laying in bed for two days.
Last Monday I taught Sister Saimon how to play tennis and I think she liked it! She didn’t really get it but we both had fun trying! The last couple weeks Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays have been pretty rough for us. We haven’t been able to teach a lot of lessons until the end of the week. So we just puttered along trying to find people and talk to people. It was fun for what it was! You just make it work you know. The exciting thing was that I got Tiffany Wilson’s engagement letter! That was fun and I added it to my collection.
Wednesday was pretty sad because we went to the dock and said goodbye to three of our recent converts this year! Francisco, Luanna, and Scalastica. The ship is just packed of people and stuff. It was some elders and the sister recent converts so they were pretty sad. But I guess it is kind of the point, to baptize and then send them out and start the church on the outer islands. But it is still really sad!
Thursday was district meeting, went out to eat after, normal, normal, went shopping for the zone Thanksgiving meal. (Sisters are cooking everything. Yes, two turkeys and two bags of potatoes for mashed potatoes, and two local pumpkin pies and more…) THEN we went to teach our night appointment and I felt super sick but was just looking forward to sleeping that night. We had our member present and went out there and right at the end of the lesson when Sister Saimon was talking my eyes started rolling around, I couldn’t hear anything, and I also couldn’t feel my body. It was great. So I just said, “Siro, kug mar!” (Sorry, I’m sick) and like threw my head down on the table to try and feel better. Didn’t work, my temperature flew up and I was like ripping off my sweater (who wears a sweater in Micronesia?) and was just laying on the bench until I could function.
Then on Friday I layed in bed and slept and have a fever all day. I think I waved at the other sisters when I went to the bathroom.
Saturday I felt better but still couldn’t really move.
The mission nurse said I had a gastrointestinal infection. I won’t tell you too much what that involves. But just a fever and and aching stomach.
Sunday I rolled out of bed to go to church and see President Zarbock, Elder Whiting (Quorum of the 70) and their wives at church. It was painful but I did it!! And then I was able to teach for the rest of the day. Everything has been surprisingly smooth. Blessings!
Yesterday we had a cool conference with our zone and Elder Whiting did a question and answer it was really cool! He talked a lot about his closeness with the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and even getting to meet the Prophet! It was fun to hear his stories. Sometimes when I’m around important people I feel like a monkey, just do what they say. But I like being a monkey. Maybe I”ll be on for the rest of my life.
“The spirit of God like a fire is burning.. on Yap” –President Zarbock
Good things are happening here!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sister Stevens